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(Know all electric bike and scooter price, ola scooter, simple one energy scooter price list)

As friends, we know that electric bikes and scooters are very popular now, but still some of our brothers are buying petrol bikes because the price of electric bikes is a little higher in comparison to petrol bikes, so today we are going to talk about them. About such popular electric bikes and scooters which are going to be priced within Rs 1.5 lakh, some of these companies have just launched their new bikes like Ola and Simple One scooter. This price is for the month of October and it is in Delhi. I am mentioning the on-road price below. If the price changes with time, updates will be kept here.

OLA Scooter Price
OLA S1 : ₹ 90,994
OLA S1 Pro : ₹ 1,16,549

Revolt RV 400 Price
Standard : ₹ 1,34,005
Premium : ₹ 1,66,256

Bajaj Chetak Price
Urbane : ₹ 1,38,988
Premium : ₹ 1,41,363

Simple Energy One Price
Standard : ₹ 1,15,376

Revolt RV 300 Price

Standard: ₹ 1,16,084

Ather 450X price

Plus : ₹ 1,18,180
Pro : ₹ 1,38,880

TVS iQube
Standard : ₹ 1,00,135


Hero Electric Flash
LX (VRLA) : ₹ 49,513
LX : ₹ 60,020

Okinawa R30
Standard : ₹ 62,114

Okinawa Praise
Pro : ₹ 80,330

Okinawa i-Praise
Plus : ₹ 1,03,650

You will get to see different ranges in all these electric scooters and bikes, like in OLA scooter you are getting S1 and s1pro variants, then you will get to see the difference in the price of both the variants and along with the price, if we If we talk about range i.e. mileage, you will see the difference in that too, but you can easily charge all these bikes at your home with electric socket and some of these companies also provide you the facility of fast charging and many companies also provide you the facility of fast charging. Charging stations are also provided but you will get this facility only at some selected places.

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