BS6 vehicle has been discontinued, now BS6 Phase 2 Norms,RDE,BS7,E20 Flex Fuel

BS6 vehicles are going to be discontinued in India from April 2023, which includes all cars, bikes and commercial vehicles. This step is being taken due to the harmful pollution emitted from vehicles. Now you will get to see the new BS6 Phase 2 emission Norms. It will have to comply with the BS6 Phase II emission norms of all vehicles with engine RDE and support system of E20 fuel. Let us tell you how all these things are going to work in future and yes many people are also calling it BS7 but now this has not been completely confirmed so it can be assumed that it will be of BS6 Phase II emission norm only. Is going to live by name.

upcoming bs7 bike
upcoming bs7 bike

What will be new in BS6 Phase 2 emission?

In BS6 Phase II emission norms, the engine of all vehicles will have to follow the support system of E20 fuel with RDE. After the advent of this technology, the harmful gases emitted from bikes or vehicles will cause less harm to the environment.

Meaning of RDE in BS6 Phase II?

RDE stands for (Real Driving Emissions). In the new BS6 Phase 2, with the help of RDE (Real Driving Emission) device, we can find out how much harmful gas our vehicle is emitting when it is moving on the road. Earlier this was checked only by companies in labs. But now in BS6 Phase 2, this will be checked in real time.

What is Flex Fuel?

When ethanol is mixed with petrol, the mixture we get is called flex fuel. By using this fuel, the continuously increasing fuel prices will reduce and it will also be good for the environment. Is favorable. This fuel is prepared from the remaining fodder of sugarcane and maize. After the introduction of this technology, the income of our farmer brothers is going to increase.

e20 flex fuel bike
e20 flex fuel bike

What is E20 Fuel?

At every petrol pump you can see the option of E20 fuel. This means that the oil you will get here will contain 80% petrol and 20% ethanol. Let us tell you that Yamaha Motors has launched its first 2 new E20 Fuel running bikes, which we will know as Yamaha FZS Fi Version 4 and Yamaha FZX. Now both of these are the first bikes which are E20 Fuel Compatible.

Q.Will BS6 vehicles be discontinued?

A. Yes, now we will see new upgraded emission norms.

Q. Has BS7 bike been launched?

A. A bike running on E20 fuel ethanol has been launched. Now we can call it BS6 Phase 2.

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