2024 Matter AERA Know Matter AERA Electric Bike Price,Features,Specs

(Electric Bike Matter AERA price in india. Matter AERA 5000 price know Matter AERA 5000+ on road price with range & charging time)

Matter AERA is the first electric bike in which you get gears. It has been launched in aera 5000 and aera 5000+ variants. Let us know what is the riding range of both these electric bikes and how far will they go on full charge. New technology has been used in it with excellent features so that you can easily charge and run it in all circumstances.

Matter AERA range and charging time

  • Variant – aera 5000
  • Top Speed: 99km/h
  • Range: 125 KMS
  • Normal charging time: 5 hours
  • Fast Charging Time: Less than 2 hours
  • 0-60 km/h speed: less than 6 seconds
  • Variant – aera 5000+
  • Top Speed: 99km/h
  • Range: 125 KMS
  • Normal charging time: 5 hours
  • Fast Charging Time: Less than 2 hours
  • 0-60 km/h speed: less than 6 seconds
Matter AERA Hindi
Matter AERA

Matter AERA Specification

You are going to get excellent battery performance in Matter Era electric bike. Because 5kWh has been used in it, inbuilt active liquid cooling has been provided and it will also get IP67 protection.

  • Motor power: 10kW
  • Maximum Power: 7500 W | 9000W
  • Transmission: Hyper Shift 4 Speed ​​Manual
  • Riding Mode : Eco, City and Sport + Rear
  • Battery: 5kWh
  • IITMS (Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System)
  • Front Brake: Disc
  • Rear Brake: Disc
  • Braking System: Dual Sensor Single Channel ABS

Matter AERA Features

Whatever features it has, will be seen almost in the top model i.e. Matter AERA 5000+.

Matter AERA Features
Matter AERA Features
  • processor with 3gb ram
  • 7 inch touchscreen LCD capacitive
  • Connectivity: 4G, Wi-Fi and BT 5.0
  • IMU 9 Axis
  • Warranty : 3yrs/unlimited kms (bike+battery)
  • service reminder
  • live location tracking
  • Remote Charging Monitor System
  • trip planner
  • Geofencing
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring
  • welcome light
  • Will help with parking
  • gear indicator
  • Keyless entry
  • Call and music controls
  • OTA update
  • Theft and tow detection

Matter AERA Color

You get to see this bike in 5 colors – Cosmic Black, Cosmic Blue, Glacier White, Blaze Red and Nord Grey. You will get to see these five colors in the AERA 5000+ variant. Only two of these colors, Cosmic Black and Cosmic Blue, will be available in the AERA 5000 bike.

Matter AERA Colors
Matter AERA Colors

Matter AERA Price

This is the on-road price of Delhi. Prices keep changing with time, yet we try to update you with the correct price. Thank you.

Matter AERA 5000
Ex-showroom: ₹ 1,73,999
Onroad Price: ₹ 1,84,690 ~ 1,88,900

Matter AERA 5000+
Ex-showroom: ₹ 1,83,999
Onroad Price: ₹ 1,94,902 ~ 1,99,787


Q. Matter AERA 5000 ex-showroom price?

A. Ex-showroom: Starting from ₹ 1,73,999.

Q. What is the range of Matter Era 5000+?

A. Range: 125 KMS

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