Jaunty Plus electric scooter launched, know its price and features

Jaunty Plus electric 

A new electric scooter has been launched by AMO Electric, which we will know by the name of Jonti Plus. Let us know how much range will be seen with the feature performance of this scooter and how much distance it will go on full charge as well as the price. We will also know.

This scooter has been launched at a price of ₹ 1,10,460 ex-showroom. Also, the company says that you will be able to fully charge this scooter in 4 hours and after full charging, you will get a mileage range of 120. Kilometer which is very good, you will get to see 60 V/40 Ah advanced Lithium Ion battery in this Jaunty Plus scooter and also high performance motor has been used in it.

jonty plus
jonty plus

Its features that we will talk about, you get to see (E-ABS) ABS braking, anti theft alarm, you get a very strong chassis, along with this you get telescopic forks suspension, high ground clearance, side stand sensor, central locking. Engine kill switch will be available with front disc brake.

  • Range : 120 km
  • DC motor
  • a mobile USB charging port
  • Charging time: 4 hours

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