Honda Activa HSmart Features What are Honda Activa H-Smart Features?

Activa H-Smart

I have taken the name of Activa here with H-Smart feature but currently Honda is offering this feature in almost all its scooters. H-Smart means smart features that will make your scooter much smarter and will also make your work easier, with the arrival of this feature you are going to get a little luxury feel along with safety. So let us know how this technology works and how you can take advantage of it..

activa hsmart features
activa hsmart features

In H-Smart models, you will get a smart key, that is, it is not a physical iron (metal) key. You will be given a remote key, with the help of which you can control many functions of the vehicle and can even lock the vehicle. That is why we will call such a key a smart key in which you have been given H-Smart technology.

smart key feature

honda hsmart features
honda hsmart features

Smart Safe: In this feature, the immobilizer function of the vehicle gets activated so that if you go more than 2 meters away, this system automatically locks your scooter and also it provides you with anti-theft system. is.

Smart Find: In this feature, if after parking your scooter, you forget the location of where you parked your scooter, then at that time this feature is going to be useful because with that remote key you can only By pressing the answer back button, you can know where your scooter is parked even from a distance of 10 meters. As soon as you press the button, the indicator of the vehicle will blink twice i.e. the indicator light will light up twice. With this you will be able to know where the scooter is parked.

Smart Unlock: As soon as you come within a range of 2 meters of the vehicle, the vehicle will automatically unlock and you can open the seat and fuel cap of your vehicle.

Smart Start: As soon as you come within a range of 2 meters of the vehicle, you will see the smart key indicator on the meter console and you will be able to start the vehicle by just turning the knob.


Will H-Smart feature increase mileage?

This is a technological feature which will provide you convenience. In terms of safety, it has nothing to do with mileage.

H-Smart Features Price of Activa 110?

Starting from Rs.82234 ex-showroom in Delhi.

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