Hero splendor plus xtec launched, major changes in price, digital meter

(hero splendor plus xtec bs6 launched know the features of splendor plus xtec)

Right now we have seen a big change in the features of some bikes and scooters from Hero. Updates like LED headlight, LED DRL, full digital meter, new colors and new graphics have been seen. So now you will get to see all these changes in Splendor Plus also, which we will know as Hero splendor plus xtec model.

splendor plus xtec big changes

We have seen major changes in the features of this vehicle such as new color and digital meter are attractive examples of this.

hero splendor plus xtec
hero splendor plus xtec
  • Digital meter in full new look
  • blue graphics with white color
  • digital fuel meter
  • bluetooth connectivity
  • mobile charger
  • LED DRL above front headlight
  • halogen headlight
  • xsens fi performance engine
  • Hero splendor plus xtec Specs

In this new car, you have seen big changes only in features and color. And like before, you will get to see 99.7 cc BS6 engine in it, that is, there is no change in the performance of the vehicle, only you can buy Splendor Plus’s XTEC in a new look.

Hero splendor plus xtec color & price

Right now Hero has presented it only in white color, in future you will get to see the facility of more colors in it. And as you can see the combination of white and blue color is greatly enhancing the look of the vehicle. And if we talk about the price, as we know the price of the top model of Splendor is currently running at around Rs 86000** on road price. So you can assume that after changes like digital meter, LED DRL and new color, you may see an increase of ₹ 5000 to ₹ 7000 in its price. Hero has not yet officially disclosed this price. So I will not confirm it to you right now but very soon we will update you here as to what is the on-road price of this vehicle and how much down payment you can make to take the vehicle home.

splendor plus xtec price
splendor plus xtec price

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