2024 Hero HF deluxe E20 new color update (CANVAS BLACK) know price

(2024 Hero hf deluxe bs6 phase 2 obd update. New hf deluxe e20 fuel launched with all canvas black color in india)

A new color has been seen in Hero’s HF Deluxe, which we will know by the name of HF Deluxe Canvas Black Edition, along with it the features have also changed and after all these changes, what is its new price now? Let us tell you. are

What’s new in HF Deluxe Canvas Black ?

This powerful 100cc bike in which you used to get high mileage and low maintenance cost, now this bike is capable of running on 80% petrol and 20% ethanol because it will get the support of e20 fuel system. Let us know about more new features like…

Hero Hf Deluxe Canvas Black
Hero Hf Deluxe Canvas Black
  • HF Deluxe logo design in 3D
  • e20 fuel support
  • black muffler cover
  • full black engine
  • black grab handle
  • black chain cover
  • side stand engine cutoff sensor
  • analog meter
  • single seat

Apart from this, you will get to see these excellent colors…

hf deluxe new graphics
hf deluxe new graphics

What changes have occurred in performance?

It is obvious that after the support of e20 fuel, we will see an increase in the performance of the vehicle. After the arrival of this new color, the same features mentioned above have been included. The engine will be 97.2cc Xcen fuel injection engine.

  • Engine: 97.2cc air cooled
  • Bore and Stroke: 50.0 X 49.5 mm
  • Power: 5.9kW power at 8000 rpm
  • Torque: 8.05 Nm at 6000 rpm
  • Mileage: 65 kmpl(changes possible)**
  • Top Speed: 85kmph**

HF Deluxe Canvas Black Price Update ?

There has been a change in the prices after the introduction of new colors and features. This price is being told to you of Delhi in which we have included the ex-showroom price and on-road price of the vehicle.

  • Ex-showroom price: ₹ 68,698
  • Onroad Price: ₹ 86,828 ~ 89,120


Q. What does E20 fuel mean?

A. Now this bike is capable of running on 80% petrol and 20% ethanol.

Q. Price of HF Deluxe Canvas Black?

A. Ex-showroom price: Starting from ₹ 66,438 in Delhi

HF Deluxe Price

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