2024 New Year Sale Hero Bike & Scooter Offers Cash discount available on Splendor Plus, Glamour, Pleasure

(Hero Bikes & Scooter Cash Discount Offers 2024. Hf deluxe,Passion Pro,Xtreme,Super Splendor Loan Price Offers 2024)

Right now Navratri pre-booking offer is going on here in which you can book the car now and you can bring it to your home during Navratri.

  • Cash discount: Rs 1,000
  • Low interest rate: 6.99%
  • Buy now and pay in 2024

Hero HF Series

In Hero’s HF series, you get the option of HF 100 and HF Deluxe. In this you are getting cash discount. These discounts will be available till September of this month and then as soon as Navratri arrives, we will tell you about the new offers here.

Cash Discount: Rs. 2,000
HF100 price
  • Ex-showroom price: ₹ 59,018
  • Onroad price: Will be available from ₹ 70,298 to ₹ 73,458

HF Deluxe Price (self i3s)

  • Ex-showroom price: ₹ 68,768
  • Onroad price: Will be available from ₹ 82,237 to ₹ 86,952

Hero Passion Plus, Super Splendor and Glamour

You have got a cash discount of ₹ 2,000 on all these three vehicles. Which will be valid till October i.e. you can avail this offer on 110cc as well as 125cc bikes.

Cash Discount: Rs. 3,000

Passion Plus Price (Drum)

  • Ex-showroom price: ₹ 68,768
  • Onroad price: Will be available from ₹ 82,237 to ₹ 86,952

Super Splendor Price (Disc)

  • Ex-showroom price: ₹ 84,748
  • Onroad price: Will be available from ₹ 99,874 to ₹ 1,04,300

Glam Price (Disc)

  • Ex-showroom price: ₹ 84,908
  • Onroad price: Will be available from ₹ 99,428 to ₹ 1,03,558

Hero Scooters, Karizma XMR and XPulse

You have got a cash discount of Rs 2500 on all these. Which includes all the scooters of Hero, all the bikes coming in Extreme and XPulse series, from now on this offer will run till the month of October, let us tell you that the offer and price of the car keeps changing according to every festival. Here we give you, what is the current price of the vehicle along with the monthly offer and discount.

Cash Discount: Rs. 2,500

Pleasure Plus Xtec Price (LX Model)

Ex-showroom price: ₹ 70,338
On-road price: ₹ 83,970 to ₹ 89,585

Hero XPulse 200 4V Price

Ex-showroom price: ₹ 1,44,776
On-road price: ₹ 1,70,317 to ₹ 1,78,558

Hero Xtreme 200S 4V Price

Ex-showroom price: ₹ 1,41,250
On-road price: ₹ 1,65,004 to ₹ 1,69,402


Q. Price of HF Deluxe?

A. Ex-showroom prices start from Rs 68,768 for the i3s model.

Q. What is Hero Xoom?

A. Hero Xoom is a 110cc scooter with all the new age features that GEN-Z will love.

Note: We get offers from official companies or sometimes from showroom owners. They say that change in the offer is possible at any time and this offer is not available on all variants, that is, it can also happen that the offer is running on Glamour, but it is only for the Xtec model and you want to avail it. If you have drum brakes then you will not get that offer. So brother, it is my responsibility to give you correct information because you can see different offers and discounts in every showroom, so before making the budget, you should definitely visit your nearest dealership for the latest finance offer..Thank you.

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