Documents Required To Drive Bikes, Scooter Saved from Challan

(List of Mandatory Documents to Ride a Bike & Scooter. Documents to carry while driving a two wheeler in India)

When you have gone out somewhere and the police does not stop you, then you should have all these important documents with you. Let us tell you that in many states of India, helmet has become mandatory for both the riders, so along with it you will also have to keep these documents so that whenever you go out for an outing or for any important work, you do not have to face any problem.

Documents Required To Drive Bikes Hindi
Documents Required To Drive Bikes Hindi

Compulsory Documents Required To Drive Bikes

While leaving the house, definitely check whether you have all these documents with you or not. My opinion is that do not go out without a helmet and without the correct documents. This is the list of mandatory documents..

driving license :Driving license is also called DL in short. This is a document that gives you permission to legally drive a bike or scooter on the roads. To get this document, you have to give a driving test and after that it is provided to you by RTO (Regional Transport Office).

Vehicle registration certificate:We also know registration certificate as RC. It is also important to carry this with you whenever you drive a bike or scooter. This document shows whether the vehicle you are driving is yours or belongs to a legitimate owner. Because it contains the name of the owner of the vehicle, the date when the vehicle was purchased, its color and model information.

Insurance Policy:When the car is parked at the showroom, we know its price as ex-showroom price, but we buy the car at on-road price which includes RTO, registration fees along with car insurance which is currently Companies give about 5 years. If your budget is less then you can also take it for 1 year. Can issue your challan even without this. So car insurance policy is also very important.

Fitness Certificate:When a vehicle is registered for the first time, it is 15 years old. After that, you always have to keep the fitness certificate of the vehicle with you to drive on the road. According to the current rules, it has to be renewed every 2 years. There are changes in this process with time, so you will always have to stay updated.

PUC Certificate:(Pollution Under Control Certificate) You can get this document made by going to the petrol pump. The pollution check center there, after checking, gives you a certificate which remains valid for 1 year. If I talk about myself, my bike was purchased ten years ago, so I am given a certificate only for 6 months. So it is mandatory to get PUCC done for your vehicle also.

As you understood why we need all these documents and why we should carry them. Let me tell you in short words that you should not leave the house without these documents like driving license, car insurance, PUC certificate and RC.


Q. How to avoid vehicle challan?

A. Whenever you bring your vehicle across the road, keep your driving license, vehicle insurance, PUC certificate and RC with you.

Q. Is it mandatory to do PUCC of the bike?

A. Yes, it is mandatory to get PUCC done for the vehicle.

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